Ashmore Trading Company

Ashmore Trading Company Pty Ltd is an innovative manufacturer and retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital experience to serve our customers – wherever, whenever and however they want to shop.  Our online shopping websites are here to serve you.

Ashmore Trading Company is home to the premium label “primepik“.

We have the belief to be ethically responsible with the people and communities in the different countries where we do business as well as the global community. We source and manufacture  products from all over the globe to provide variety, choice and very high quality. We endeavour to also provide an opportunity for diverse ethnic communities to present their products on a worldwide platform.

We pride ourselves on being a company of integrity, make good choices by being socially responsible in all aspects on our operational business and take this commitment very seriously.

We are happy to offer special benefits to our shoppers providing incentives and rewards for their loyalty for shopping at our online stores as well as keeping them informed of our new products being offered in their particular areas of interest.

In our group of companies our policy and commitment is to provide high standards, excellent service and quality products to our consumers.